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Accelerating environmental
commodity markets

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KCG's Companies: Catalysts for Change

At the forefront of environmental commodity markets, KCG's companies drive advancements pivotal for global sustainability. Our mission is clear: to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies that will come to define these markets, boosting their efficiency, transparency, and interconnectivity. With a commitment to substantial and thoughtful contribution, we actively collaborate with all stakeholders, forging a path towards a balanced and sustainable future.


Next generation climate technology

The universal climate platform


The Team

KCG is guided by a dedicated team of professionals, instrumental in advancing technical solutions within environmental commodity markets.

Alex Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Giorgio A.


Drew Bonneau

Director at Carbonmark

Brendan McGill

CTO at Carbonmark

Shohei Hamada 1 (1).png

Shohei Hamada

Director KlimaDAO Japan

Jun Hashimura (1).png

Jun Hashimura

Director of KlimaDAO Japan

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